2020 Modified Sponsorship and “Decorate Downtown” Initiative

Due to ongoing issues with Covid19 and restrictions on large group gatherings we have cancelled the remaining large events for the remainder of 2020. This includes Show n' Shine, Railroad days, Frightening Falls and The Granite Fa-la-la-la's Tree Lighting. We waited as long as we could to make the call, but these events require months of planning and investment, and with no inclination of moving to Phase 4, we needed to make a tough call.

This was an incredibly disappointing decision for us but the board of directors believe that it was the correct one, given the circumstances. We are now focusing on how to salvage the year, bring joy to our community and help drive people into downtown for the sake of our small businesses. The board is finalizing a proposal for City Council approval and seeking partners to sponsor a comprehensive plan to decorate our town, and celebrate in fun, unique ways for the remainder of 2020.

Our first major project, Operation: Decorate Downtown, consists of facilitating over-the-top decorations through a designated part of Stanley and S. Granite Ave. It will perfectly complement the downtown beautification projects run by the City of Granite Falls, which improved many downtown blocks with new sidewalks, light posts and landscaping. We will incentivize business participation by hosting multiple contests with generous prizes, as well as incentivize the public to visit Iocal businesses with contests, nostalgic photo backdrops, seasonal entertainment, a Chamber run Christmas tree lot, and more.

We have created structured “seasons” to keep the decor cohesive and relevant, bringing back traditions from the past, and coming up with dynamic new ideas that we believe will help people stay engaged and excited. One of the most thrilling silver-linings to come from this challenging year, is that we will be able to build a template for a new town tradition by reusing decorating materials and implementing efficient logistics for setup and teardown. We have dreamed of creating a festive, picturesque small town for years, and this is the year to see that become a reality.

For this to work, we need businesses to help sponsor this work in partnership with the Chamber and City of Granite Falls. We understand many businesses are struggling and for those struggling, we implore you to hang on and be encouraged as we work this plan. For businesses that are continuing to thrive, we boldly ask that you to consider buying in at a high level to support the community and drive business into town, or even consider purchasing a sponsorship for a struggling business so they receive the benefit of the advertising on promotional materials. With video projects that will be directed at the whole town and your business logo being prominently displayed on all the materials associated with the rest of the Chamber of Commerce work for this year, sponsorship in this project will be sure to get your business name out there!

Read below for more detailed sponsorship levels. Please email or call if you have any questions.

Sponsorship Levels

Platinum $2000

  • Largest logo on Operation Decorate Downtown banners
  • Largest logo on Nov “thankfulness message" promo video
  • Free “platinum sponsor” CoC window decal
  • Personalized platinum sponsor graphic with rights to use from VonJentzen Productions
  • 6 social media highlights

Gold $1000

  • Large logo on Operation Decorate Downtown banners
  • Large on Nov “thankfulness message" promo video
  • Free “gold sponsor” CoC window decal
  • 4 social media highlights

Silver $500

  • Medium logo on Operation Decorate Downtown banners
  • Medium logo on Nov “thankfulness message"promo video
  • Free CoC “silver sponsor” window decal
  • 3 social media highlights

Copper $100

  • Small logo on Operation Decorate Downtown banners
  • Small logo on Nov “thankfulness message" promo video
  • Free CoC member window decal
  • 1 social media highlight

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