Parade Information

Grand Parade starts at 12 noon on October 1, 2022.
Parade Category – 1st place will be awarded in all categories. Participants may enter multiple categories. However, each entry is eligible to receive only one award per parade entry.

Categories are:

Marching Unit – Any marching unit such as bands, musical groups, and music-related teams, groups, or organizations. (See Drill Team for non-musical entries.)

Judges Award – Any parade entry of any type that, at the sole discretion of the judges, deserves an award for participation. All parade participants are eligible to compete in this category with the exception of political candidates.

Hometown Pride – Any parade entry for a business or organization located within the City of Granite Falls or nearby business area that provides products or services to the community.

Float – Any float or moving display.

Spirit Award – Limited to entries from the Granite Falls High School and Crossroads High School Classes (Senior, Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman).

Drill Team – Any unit such as performing arts groups, boy/girl scouts, clubs, and or philanthropic units, excluding bands and musical teams.

Application - It is important that the Application for Parade Entry be completed in full. This includes signing, dating and submitting prior to the parade deadline. A valid e-mail for you or your organization must be included because an e-mail will be sent to this address to confirm receipt of the application. A separate e-mail with parade sequence and lineup instructions will be sent to the same address approximately 3 days prior to the parade. The approximate length of your entry will assist us in reserving adequate space in the parade lineup.

A description is required as it will be read by the Announcer when the entry passes the judge's platform.

Parade Lineup – One individual should be assigned the responsibility of reporting to the parade check-in tent near the corner of East Stanley and Indiana Street (Eat Thai parking lot). They will be provided the parade number to be displayed on the right-front of your entry. All participating members of your organization should report to the assigned lineup location (sent via e-mail by Wednesday) to reduce congestion at the control booth. Please DO NOT tell your participants to report to the check-in booth – they should go directly to your lineup location.

Each entry will be assigned a specific location for lineup including a “color zone”. Volunteers (dressed in zone colors) will be available in each lineup zone to assist with line up and to answer any questions. Please be respectful of other participants and neighbors who live on the parade lineup streets. Leave the area in the same condition as it was when you arrived.

During the Parade - The parade begins at 12:00 noon. All participants should be in place no later than 11:30 am. No parade entry may use Silly String or Stink Bombs. If you are found to be using either you will be asked to leave the event immediately.

After the Parade – Due to the length of the lineup and parade, it may be difficult to return to your vehicle if parked at your lineup location. Please keep this in mind as streets in the lineup and parade area will be closed to traffic until the parade in completed. Many entries, especially those with horses, may want to unload near the parade finish and walk to the assigned lineup location.

Awards will be announced and presented at the Judges platform approximately 20 minutes after the end of the parade.

If you have any questions you may call (360) 302-3051 and leave a message or e-mail