Granite Falls Chamber of Commerce General Meeting Minutes April 16 , 2015

Meeting was called to order by Mike at 6:30pm
Round table introductions each person in attendance was able to talk about their business and what they have going on this month.
Minutes: Meeting minutes were motioned and approved
Committee Reports Review:
Membership: Membership is up for 2015. LWL has generated a ton of interest and we hope to have more businesses sign up in the next few months.
Show N Shine: August 1st. New committee chair is Maria more info next month.
Chamber Summer Social: August 20th at Billie’s Busy Kids
Rail Road: Jeanene is on track
One Day: looking for an update for One Day. June 20th.
Adopt a block: more info next month from Trish
Marketing Committee: Looking to update the website and fine-tune the function of the existing website. We will be collecting bids to present at the next board meeting. We want this webpage to be like an online visitor center. Mike discussed how Cecil and Austin have put a ton of time, and for free Austin built this website but we are looking to have the website grow with us as a Chamber. We want the proposals to stay this 3rd party to be local, however to have a company to mange and change this often and reflect the businesses and promote tourism. We want to accomplish this by the end of the year.
Newsletters to be sent out by Suzi to promote chamber members business and local events.
Look What’s Local: LWL has started and Mike has more passports if needed.
Thirty businesses have signed up for the passport and we have 15 tables for Saturday at the senior center. The Lions should have the train running to move people around on Saturday.
Membership renewals sent out this year with LWL info and we hope to do this again next year.
Advertising is still an issue and the board will continue to come up with more coverage.
Financial: Jeanenne is absent this meeting.
New Business: Cascade Northwest Music Festival – This event is in its third year and brings over a thousand people in July 23-26 at Masonic Park. Katherine is looking to purchase “Welcome Flags” and needs $1000. Chamber will donates $500 to this event and then Mike will get other business to sponsor $500 from local business, so the total requested would be a $1000 to Katherine per her request.
June 18th $250 visa gift card tickets passed out.
Next General Meeting May 21, 2015 @ 6:30PM Board meeting
@ 5:30
Adjourn at 7:30pm