Farmers Market Rules & Regs_2022

Granite Falls Sunday Market 2022
Rules and Regulations
Rain or Shine – June 12th thru August 28th 2022
Sundays 12pm- 4pm


Booth Fees: 

Annual Registration Fee: $25.00 – *(Non-refundable)             $25.00

Single Day Sunday: 10 x 10 booth                                                 $25.00

Single Day Sunday: 10 x 20 booth, side by side                        $40.00

Bring a check or sufficient cash funds on Market day to cover your Booth Fees. 

  1. Vendor set-up: 10:30 am – 11:45 am. Be ready for business at 12 pm. As long as you have an average sized car, SUV or truck you may park behind your booth space. Spots are first come, first serve. There will be a market representative directing you as you arrive. Enter on the back side of Cascade by the Fire Station.
  2. Running late? Call or text Jennifer at 253-414-7061 Volunteers will help with unloading and   set-up if you arrive late.

  End of Day Checkout:

 You will be assigned a market packet for your business that will track fees and sales weekly.

  1. Record gross sales in all applicable categories in your market packet.
  2. Do Not include Sales Tax in your weekly sales totals.
  3. Pay Booth/Sales Fee with cash, check, or Paypal begins at 3:45 pm.
  4. Each vendor MUST check out with market director before leaving for the day.


  1. Do not dumpVendor-generated waste in trash receptacles located around the Market. They are for customer waste only.
  2. Haul away your own garbage
  3. Clean your booth space and any debris you and your customers generate.


  1. Removal of your canopy/signage/products starts at 4:00 p.m. If you sell out early leave your canopy, a table, and your signage up. 
  2. The Market must be clear of customers before any vendor vehicular access, typically ten to fifteen minutes after closing.
  3. NO early departure. If an emergency arises, please see the market director.

Market Details:

Securing Your Canopy:

**Vendors and Non-Profits provide their own canopy and displays.

  1. All sidewall material must be certified according to Fire Department guidelines.
  2. Canopies are vulnerable to wind. Secure you canopy with proper weights.
  3. Without proper weights, your canopy cannot be raised. This rule is enforced. Management will inspect your canopy's weights each week.
  4. Make sure your weights do not create a hazard. Tether them inside your canopy footprint. Safety First!

From the WSFMA (Washington State Farmers Market Association):

"All Vendors who wish to erect canopies (including umbrellas) on the Market site during normal periods of Market operations, including the set-up and break-down period, are required to have their canopies sufficiently and safely anchored to the ground from the time their canopy is put up to the time it is taken down."

"Any Vendor who fails to properly anchor their canopy will not be allowed to sell at the Farmers Market on that market day, unless that Vendor chooses to take down, stow their canopy, or secure each canopy leg with no less than 25 lbs. (pounds) anchoring each leg."

**Double check your weights are loaded in your vehicle for each Market Day!

REFUND POLICY: Booth Space Fees are non-refundable.



  1. ALL Vendorsare responsible for keeping their space clean, sanitary, and attractive. At day’s end, leave your booth space and the area directly in front of your space clean.
  2. Ready-to-eat food vendors must follow permit requirements regarding food handling, hand-wash stations, sanitizing, hot and cold temperature minimums and various rules set forth by the Snohomish Health District (SHD).
  3. For the 2022 Season, dining may be allowed in the market, but SHD restrictions/requirements will dictate GFFM Operational Policy (Additional information will follow).
  4. All Vendors with product requiring chilling must provide their own ice and coolers.

Granite Falls Farmers Market is not responsible for loss or damage to canopies or inventory caused by fire, theft, critical weather conditions, accidents, tsunami, etc.