Granite Falls is a 15.5 mile drive east from downtown Everett,

Drive east on Hewitt Ave and merge onto Highway 2. Travel 2.1 miles east over ‘The Trestle’

At the east end of the trestle, follow the exit left onto Highway 204 to Lake Stevens and drive 2.7 miles, proceeding through the traffic light at Market Place and 91st.

Turn left onto Highway 9, and continue north for 1.7 miles;

Turn right onto Highway 92, navigating through several roundabouts and traffic lights continue east for 8.4 miles:

WELCOME TO GRANITE FALLS!! Ahead is the downtown shopping and historic area; which is also the “Gateway to the Mountain Loop”, one of the Pacific Northwest Premier Hiking and camping destinations boasting over 100 beautiful and historic hikes, ranging from child friendly to experience and challenging.

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